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Strength Through Solidarity
NO NO and NO
Why bush invaded Iraq
zionists are creeps
abu Mazin
Foremost Right of Return
Song For Saddam
"Throw the bums out"
Shot in the back
ARAB SOLIDARITY against the zionist entity
Demands of Arabs United Against Oppression (AUAO)

We, the people of Arabs United Against Oppression and our allies,
do hereby demand of the United Nations and the abusive regime in
1)  withdrawal of troops from Iraq;
2)  release of the 'security detainees'
     and the legitimate government of Iraq restored;
3)  removal of the illegal 'wall' in Palestine;
4)  a United Arab Peacekeeping Force (UAPF) sent into Iraq
     supplemented by Chinese, French and other forces
     friendly to Arab interests and people;
5)  a reparations fund funded by the usofa and
     halliburton for Iraq reconstruction;
6)  a resettlement fund funded by the usofa, uk, and the
     zionist entity;
7)  repatriation of the Palestinian refugees as per UN resolution.