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American Economic Crash 2007

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Dow Jones Dumps
Faster than a speeding bullet
The "unsinkable" Titanic
total and irretrievable collapse
Make Peace
911 Six years on

Make Peace

The scene was that of Ron and Nancy Reagan preparing to board a helicopter which was idling in the background and a slew of reporters trying to get "one last question" answered -- so one reporter shouted something to the effect:


           "Mr. President -- what about Iran and Iraq?"


Reagan raised his 'hi-five' hand salute and with a huge grin said:


           "let them kill each other off over there."


And that was and is the true foreign policy position of the godless radical right.


One million casualties later [the IranIraq War], it became a known fact that the duplicitous Mr. Reagan had armed Iraq overtly and had armed Iran covertly [as in 'let's you and him fight'].


Reagan was never prosecuted.