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Mody Dick as Illuminati
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Subject: The PLAIN TRUTH, about 9/11.
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 19:37:24 -0400

With the 6th anniversary of 9/11 approaching, let's get REAL, about what happened and why.  
I am going to break this down into four sections for the sake of clarity.   This is what I believe important to understand . . .
1 )  Background
We all live on a ball of rock 7,900 miles wide.   For the entire 6,000 years of recorded history, we have been killing each other;  all to acheive power and/or control.   The ultimate realization of this is to not only control the entire planet, but to convince the masses to let you retain that control.   Only recently was there ever a real opportunity to achieve this goal.

Industrialization only became possible about 150 years ago.   Technology only advanced to the point where this could actually be physically accomplished within the last 100 years, especially after FLIGHT became possible.

Beginning in the 20th century a movement was begun to finally achieve the goal of domination of the world.   It was enabled slowly over a planned and intentionally lengthy period to ensure its goals would be met without interference from the masses using 'mis-direction' tactics.  
Three world wars were fought over that century to allow in the confusion during and between the conflict the "laying of the foundation" of this movement.   Once it was ready to be actualized, an "event" was needed, to bring the efforts together - through its final, terminal stages.
2)  Lead-up to the 9/11 Attacks
In the 80's the CIA was working with Pakistan's ISI Group, the Saudi Wahhabi and their 'friend' Osama Bin Laden to "check" the Soviets in Afghanistan.
We then got OUR 'friend' Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait to justify "garrisoning" Saudi Arabia to the benefit of our countries 'connected' corporations.   Believing, as we do, in "quid pro quo" we thought this would be 'tolerated'.  
Al - Q'aeda specifically targeted the World Trade Center, in 1993, for a reason and obviously wanted to "finish what they started" !  They were "goaded" into action -- the same way the Japanese were in 1941 by the Office of Naval Intelligence on orders of the "illuminati's" F.D.R.

Pervez Musharraf has been "playing both sides against the middle" long before 9/11.   We knew ISI was helping Al - Q'aeda plan and carryout 9/11 !   We wanted this attack to happen !!
3)  September 11, 2001
Al - Q'aeda, with their ISI and possibly CIA assistance, skyjacked four airline flights and used them as weapons to attack the United States.   Pakistan benefitted from this because our placing bases on their soil in our "War on Terror" helped Musharraf to 'check' India while he advanced his nuclear weapons program and built up his military.  
Al - Q'aeda benefitted from this for obvious reasons.   Most importantly the "Global Governance" got its excuse, to expand their efforts into the above-mentioned 'terminal' phase.

Note:   All the 9/11 technical and engineering issues are 'diversionary' to draw attention away from the REAL issue, of WHY the attacks happened.   This is the whole POINT of 'mis-direction' !

4)  Post - 9/11
Everything that has been occurring in the last six years is being done to benefit the imminent ascension of the "New World Order's" unitary world authority - the "Global Governance".   We (and the British) have over 1/2 million troops deployed worldwide with the latest "smart" technology and weapons.   The economic and financial 'stage' has been set globally.   The 'audience' has been "softened up" by political and social "correctness" - through the world media's "reality bias." 

The world must WAKE UP and "see" the difference between perceptual reality & tangible truth !!