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Strength Through Solidarity
NO NO and NO
Why bush invaded Iraq
zionists are creeps
abu Mazin
Foremost Right of Return
Song For Saddam
"Throw the bums out"
Shot in the back
ARAB SOLIDARITY against the zionist entity
"Throw the bums out"

Al-Sadr calls for government to kick out Blackwater
after shooting incident
"Several Iraqi government officials have indicated their opposition to Blackwater's continued presence in their country . . . A spokesman for Iraq's Interior Ministry has told reporters it has cancelled Blackwater's license and will launch an investigation into whether excessive force was used in the incident . . . in which 11 people were shot dead."

Iacocca's electric car

"I think our current President
 should visit the real world
 once in a while." Lee Iacocca

You might think I'm getting senile,
that I've gone off my rocker,
and maybe I have.
But someone has to speak up.
I hardly recognize this country anymore.
The President of the United States
is given a free pass to ignore the Constitution,
 tap our phones, and lead us to war
 on a pack of lies.
Congress responds to record deficits
by passing a huge tax cut
for the wealthy (thanks, but I don't need it).
The most famous business leaders
are not the innovators
but the guys in handcuffs.
While we're fiddling in Iraq,
the Middle East is burning
and nobody seems to know what to do.
And the press is waving pom-poms
instead of asking hard questions.
That's not the promise of America
my parents and yours traveled
across the ocean for.
I've had enough.
How about you?

"I've certainly had enough -- wrongful deaths 1M+4"