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Strength Through Solidarity
NO NO and NO
Why bush invaded Iraq
zionists are creeps
abu Mazin
Foremost Right of Return
Song For Saddam
"Throw the bums out"
Shot in the back
ARAB SOLIDARITY against the zionist entity
abu Mazin

Al-Rantisi . . .   "/Abbas/ has denied the sufferings of the Palestinian people
and just remembered that the Palestinian people
 are terrorists, killing the Jews. . .  
the sufferings before the world
has become that of the Jews,
and we do not have sufferings,
and that the problem is about the Jews
and Abu Mazin came to solve it for them."

In Gaza, Hamas spokesman
Sami Abu Zuhri criticized Abbas
for meeting Olmert, saying the meeting was
“aimed at beautifying
  the ugly image of the
  Israeli occupation before the world.”

"In an effort to shore up Abbas, [the zionist entity]
 has released
250 Palestinian prisoners, . . .

Marwan Barghouti 
Iconic Abu Ghraib photo

Marwan Barghouti