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Why bush invaded Iraq
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Why bush invaded Iraq

[excerpts from Ramsey Clark email]
You can be one in a million demanding the impeachment of the Bush/Cheney cabal . . .

We can be sure Bush will not back down. Any hint of recognition by him of the enormity of his crimes, the failure of his criminal enterprise, the unbearable human suffering he has wreaked and the hatred and shame he has brought to our country, would shatter his heroic sense of himself. Unfeeling, uncaring, unwilling to listen, he will carry on, whatever the cost to others, assured in the safe, privileged, protected shell he has always lived in.

He will insist war is peace,

dictatorship is democracy,

tyranny is freedom,

theft is gift,

worse is better.

He will abuse all the power of the Presidency, the press, false propaganda and political spin to have his way.

And he will increase death and destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan and spread his war to Pakistan and Iran in the face of mounting hostility everywhere.

His usurpation and abuse of power, criminal conduct and refusal to face the facts are his responsibility.

. . . there is scant reason to believe Congress without huge pressure from the people will find the will to act to impeach and prevent further crimes.

. . . Congress had the constitutional duty from the first High Crime committed by the Bush Administration to proceed to impeachment in the House and trial in the Senate.

It has failed to act, or show any promise that it might.

This derogation of duty is its responsibility.

. . . If George W succeeds, Iraq will be the only nation in the oil rich Gulf and Middle East to hand over its oil to foreign countries.

All the others retain ownership and control over their oil even if they pay excessive fees to foreign companies to help produce their oil.

Anyone still wonder why George W invaded Iraq?

. . .

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Ramsey Clark